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Today's Stuff Sunday, March 02, 2003

Maryam, my wife, was also talking with Holly Near. Turns out she's done quite a bit of music and sang to the anti-war protest in New York a few weeks back. There were a lot of anti-war folks there tonight. Seemed to be another thread running through things. Check out a sample of her music here. Great message.

Dare gives us some insight into business models of the Open Source World.

Unix-girl notices that most of her friends are undergoing radical change in their lives. I'm noticing that too. I think it comes with the economy (and is more shaking out of 9/11). We're about to enter into another stage of radical, chaotic, change in our lives and I think we're using the downtime in the economy to work on our personal lives first.

I talked a bit tonight with Evan Williams. Founder of Pyra, which sold to Google last month. He says the blogosphere is reading way too much into Google's intent when it comes to the Blogger purchase. He says they bought his company purely because Pyra was doing interesting things.

I believe him. Kim Polese and my wife were talking about what happens to a company's "story" after the press gets ahold of it. Kim says that things can get way out of control and usually the press puts labels on you that shouldn't really be there.

Someone asked Evan "what's Google gonna do with Blogger" and Evan said something like: I really don't know. I believe him there too. He said he needs more time for things to evolve before he can answer that question. I can't wait for the next Silicon Valley party when he tells us how things have changed.

Most heard phrases at the party tonight: DRM "Open Source" and "weblog."

Scott Watermasysk says "In short, [Scobleizer] is a really great blog to add your blog roll/aggregator." Wow, thanks for the kind comments.

Silicon Valley moment at the party tonight: most popular new device? No, not the NEC Tablet I was carrying around (although it got passed around so much that the one I was carrying got broken). The device the ubergeeks were all jealous of? Danger's Hiptop. Very cool device and Jason Defillipo has me talked into it. Jason was also decked out with a $2200 Nikon D100 digital SLR. I hate it when someone has cooler toys than I do.

Silicon Valley moment: I saw Dave Winer meet Ben and Mena Trott for the first time.

Doc Searls fondled my monopod. Yes, that's just one of the things that happened tonight at THE Silicon Valley party of the past 24 months (hosted by Joi Ito). Never since Woz's 2001 SuperBowl party have I seen so many famous geeks in one place. You're going to be reading about this party for the next few days on various blogs (and, you'll see the evidence about it in new products for the next few years). One example: my wife was sitting next to Kim Polese and had no clue who she was. Oh, just one of the most important female CEOs in Silicon Valley. Hell, strike the female part.

Dan Lyke points out that Microsoft is now giving the Windows source code to China. Oh, I didn't tell you, but Microsoft has already said that any MVP will be given access to the source code if they want it. Now, what am I going to do with 50 million lines of source code? It takes 80 Pentium IV-based computers 5.5 hours just to compile all that. You think it's gonna help me? Nah. But some MVP's write drivers and other software and they say it'll really help them. Just to let you know that Microsoft is getting a little looser with its source code.